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5mm Pyramid Omnilite Ceramic Spikes per 20

Omnilite spikes are just 1/3rd of the weight of steel ones. They are available in several colours but only in pyramid or Christmas tree styles. They do wear quicker than steel spikes- definitely not for walking on concrete. 


1kg Superspin Blue or Yellow Discus

Plastic Sided. Steel Rim. A good starter high spin discus. Available in blue or yellow . Used by most IPC female and quite a number of male athletes 


600g Nordic Diana Classic flex 7.7 Javelin

The javelin is primarily designed for headwind throws. Requires good capacity both technically and physically with the thrower. Distances in the region of 50m 


SPECIAL OFFER - Replacement spikes

Buy any bag of 100 replacement spikes and receive a free green butterfly spike key (value £3.00). This key has a harder slot so is more durable than most of those supplied with shoes. As a matter of routine you should remove spikes and lubricate the thread periodically. Spikes should not be inserted with great force as this rounds off the flat sides. This key may not fit on spikes in deep shoe sockets surrounded by "pimples" on the sole.