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5mm Pyramid Omnilite Ceramic Spikes per 20

Omnilite spikes are just 1/3rd of the weight of steel ones. They are available in several colours but only in pyramid or Christmas tree styles. They do wear quicker than steel spikes- definitely not for walking on concrete. 


1.5kg Nelco Gold Discus

Plastic Sided. Brass Rim. Good quality discus used in many world events. Used by class 38 CP athletes and classes F42,43,44 and 46 ambulatory athletes Only 4 available in stock 


7.26kg 128mm ATE Classic Shot



SPECIAL OFFER - 600g Spier

This is a development of the Turbo javelin and is an excellent training implement. It has to be thrown correctly or it will wobble and stall so it really teaches the athlete to throw through the point. On offer until 28th November 2014 

Was: 54.90   £45.00