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Denfi Space Traveller Discus 2kg

Perfectly balanced and very accurately made. It has very strong synthetic carbonate sides. The spin release is in the region of 14 revs per sec. Tests suggest a distance improvement of up to 8%  


Speed Hurdle - set of 10

Can also be used to teach beginners to run over the hurdles instead of jumping them. The three different heights are useful for primary aged children and are easily moved to different distances apart to cater for different ranges of ages. 


Conquest Shot 3kg

New rules for the Under 15 and Under 17 girls 3kg shot (previously 3.25kg & 4kg) from April 2014 


Polanik Air Flyer 500g Javelin

AIR FLYER – base javelin model 500g for beginners.New rules for girls 2014. Slightly less rigid shank forgives throwers’ mistakes and does not strain the joints. Excellent for mastering the throwing technique. Steel galvanized head , powder painted shank in blue transparent colour.