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UKA Rules for competition 2014/2015 (slight damage)

Current edition valid for 2014 and 2015. Contains all rules relating to age groups , organisation and the technical rules for competition, including disability, ultra distance,road running, walking, fell running, cross country and trail running. 

Was: 7.00   £5.00

World Steel Shot 3kg

New rules for the Under 15 and Under 17 girls 3kg shot (previously 3.25kg & 4kg) from April 2014 


Nordic Viking 500g Javelin flex 11.6

Beginner javelin. A sensible javelin for young throwers with distances up to 40m. 



A unique, specially formulated modelling material for no jump take off boards. Easy to apply, and readily marks under light pressure. 500g, Made in the UK. The modelling clay is spread along the no jump indicator board. If an athlete oversteps the take off board then the shoe may mark the surface to indicate a no jump. Thereby assisting the judges.