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Special Offers

2.5kg Roped Medicine Ball -priced reduced £30.00Was £39.00SAVE 23%
Wobble Cushion £18.00Was £25.00SAVE 28%
Solid Plastic Wobble Board £14.00Was £18.00SAVE 22%
3.25kg 95mm Polanik Steel Shot £47.00Was £52.00SAVE 9%
3.25kg Classic Shot 95mm or 90mm £21.00Was £38.90SAVE 46%
3.25kg 100mm Classic Shot £21.00Was £35.85SAVE 41%
3.25kg Cast Shot £13.50Was £21.60SAVE 37%
600g Viking - Reduced as scratched £99.00Was £146.00SAVE 32%
600g Turbo Spier- offer £49.00Was £54.90SAVE 10%
Hard Case for Vaulting Poles £99.00Was £115.00SAVE 13%
OFFER - Bigger Faster Stronger - Shepard £14.00Was £19.00SAVE 26%
OFFER- Sport Psychology - Bull £11.00Was £14.15SAVE 22%
500g 60m New Top Javelin save 15% £68.00Was £80.00SAVE 15%
8kg Kettle Bell £30.00Was £33.00SAVE 9%
Dima High Jump Uprights - STOCK CLEARANCE £75.00Was £275.00SAVE 72%