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Fastime 9 Stopwatch

Item ref: 607



Good watch for all levels of timekeeping. Clear 3 level display showing splits, laps and running watch. Recall when stopped shows in chronlogical order. Recall whilst running splits and laps shown in reverse order. pressing left switch at any time reverts to running mode.

  • 100 memory
  • Last time recorded shown without split or lap so advisable to use left button for timekeeping, reserving right button to stop after last time recorded - especially for 4 x 400 splits!
  • All memory cleared when starting race.
  • 100 lap memory stopwatch, Stroke rate, Time, Day date display.
  • Stopwatch measures up to 9hrs 59 mins 59 secs 99/100ths sec. Triple display shows:
  • Cumulative and Lap split times to the last split, and cumulative running time.
  • 100 Cumulative and split times can be stored in memory. Time out (start,stop,resume) function is also included.
  • Stroke Rate - Measures a sample of 3 strokes or actions and returns a frequency or rate per minute. Press the start button to begin measuring the stroke rate. Display counts down from 180. Press again after 3 strokes and the display shows the rate per minute.
  • Time of day display: Hour, minute,seconds time of day 12/24 hour option. Year Month Day Date.
  • Price Include VAT & Delivery to UK Mainland
Fastime 9 Stopwatch