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Fastime 4 Stopwatch

Item ref: 606



Large simple display . User needs to record splits or laps.

  • With Start, Stop, Resume(Time Out) or Reset with the option to take Cumulative or lap Split Times. One/Two fast finish.
  • Cumulative or lap split times can be changed during the timing event. This means that if you start timimg a lap in cumulative mode, you can take split times within a lap. If you switch to lap split mode during the last segment of the lap, you will cpature the lap time and the stopwatch starts again from zero unless you press stop.
  • One/two fast finish:- Press the split button to take the time of competitor 1. Press the stop button then the split button to show the time of competitor 2.
  • Single Display
  • Cumulative Split
  • No memory
  • Price Include VAT & Delivery to UK Mainland
Fastime 4 Stopwatch