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2kg Denfi Skymaster Discus

Item ref: 28



Denfi Skymaster discus is an exceptionally well engineered discus. Chromed rim Ideal for those who generate a fast spin on the discus at the final stages of the throw. The larger diameter side plates help the aerodynamic flight .Aerodynamically excellent and when thrown correctly can travel up to 10% further. Denfi discus are finely engineered (0.001% accuracy) and have used by medal winners in major events for more than 20years. We are the UK stockholder for Denfi Discus

  • High Spin Discus.
  • Rim weight approx 72% Best thrown at spin of 12 to 20 rps (fast)
  • Used by men aged between 19 and 49.
  • IAAF Certified Product. I-02-0270
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  • Price Includes VAT & Delivery UK Mainland
2kg Denfi Skymaster Discus