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2kg Denfi Space Traveller Discus

Item ref: 27



Denfi Space Traveller discus is perfectly balanced and very accurately made. It has very strong synthetic carbonate sides. The best spin release is in the region of 14 revs per sec (fast). Tests suggest a distance improvement of up to 8% Aerodynamically excellent and when thrown correctly can travel up to 10% further. Denfi discus are finely engineered (0.001% accuracy) and have been used by medal winners in major events for more than 20years. . We are the UK stockholder for Denfi Discus.

  • High Spin Discus. Very wide rim. Chome plated black.
  • Rim weight approx 85%
  • Used by men aged between 19 and 49.
  • IAAF Certified Product.I-10-0456
  • Image for illustration purpose only.
  • Price Include VAT & Delivery UK Mainland
2kg Denfi Space Traveller Discus