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CHRISTMAS OFFER - Classic Starting Blocks & Bag

Item ref: 1336



Suitable for all athletes. The classic blocks have a handle on the centre bar. Footplates slot into the centre bar so giving a range of settings and the angle of the plate is adjsutable to preset angles. Good quality spike surface to the footrests.

  • Please select colour of bag at the time of ordering
  • bag size 2
  • Weight 6kg.
  • Chromed steel centre bar approx length 86cm and width 6cm.
  • Aluminium footplates approx 12cm x 18cm. Ergonometric engineering design.
  • Grip spikes, 4 on front plate and 4 each side of the rear T bar plate.
  • These blocks will fit in a Block Bag size 2.
  • Image for illustration purpose only.
  • Price Include VAT & Delivery UK Mainland
CHRISTMAS OFFER - Classic Starting Blocks & Bag